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    FREE Special Report: 11 Essential Tips That Get Your Home Sold Fast…And For Top Dollar

    Little Details That Keep Your Home From Selling Sold Sign

    A FREE Special Report shows you how to prepare your home for quick sale and top dollar…

    11 Essential Tips That Get Your  Home Sold Fast…And For Top Dollar

     What turns buyers off when they’re viewing a home? You may be surprised to know that it’s often the little things…details that home sellers neglect when preparing their homes for show…details that almost unconsciously make a buyer think, “I couldn’t live here.”

    Smudges on the windows …frayed towels in the bathroom…pet odors…bookshelves that are too cluttered. Things we live with day to day, but that can be deadly when trying to get a buyer interested in your home.

    How to Get Your Home in Tip-Top Shape? To get your home sold quickly and for the best price, it’s vital that you pay careful attention to its condition.

    Certainly, make any necessary repairs—a well-maintained home will strengthen the buyer’s confidence. When all the little, noticeable items such as faucets and drains are in working order, a buyer is more likely to think that the bigger concerns, such as the roof and the furnace, are sound. They have fewer reasons to ask for a lower price.  Also, clean your home so it shines. You may not mind a little dirt, but your buyers will notice it right away.  Pick up shoes, clothing, toys, and other personal items before showing the house. Any kind of clutter makes the home feel smaller. You might even consider rearranging the furniture to give a sense of openness.

    FREE Report Free Report Offers Valuable Tips

    The Healey Group  is offering a FREE Special Report that helps you prepare your home for the best presentation. You’ll get suggestions on repairs, cleaning, and “staging” your home so that buyers can focus on your home’s most desirable features.

    11 Essential Tips That Get Your  Home Sold Fast…And For Top Dollar also shows you how to choose a REALTOR®, how to price your home correctly, and the type of marketing approach that works best.

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